Icy Intrigue…


Baby, it’s cold outside!

The air is crisp, the mud is frozen, and the views are staggering.

As the temperatures outside dip below freezing, all of nature responds.  Some organisms perish; some become inactive, hibernate or migrate.

Still others are sent searching for the food which can become scarce in these extremes…. sometimes resulting in surprise encounters worth getting outside for!

Snakes are not lurking between the rocks…. bears are not wandering through the brush…. but tracks in the snow reveal the paths of critters who are active….

The bird population dwindles …. along with the insects they feed on.  Which can mean a pleasant reprieve from mosquitoes, gnats, chiggers and ticks in areas where warmer weather can make being outside uncomfortable.

Leaves have dropped from trees and bushes opening up amazing views.  And since any mud gets frozen overnight…. the ground cracks and crunches firmly under foot.

Layers of clothing, coupled with the warmth of activity can make even a crisp day feel toasty.  This is no time to stay inside!

Looking for an excuse to enjoy being outside?

Take a hike, hunt for a geocache, find a new place to explore.

Wear layers, warm socks, good traction boots gloves, and a hat… grab a hiking pole…. take a walk.

The trails are quiet this time of year….  and you’ll probably have the whole place to yourself!

Intrigued? …. Let’s go!

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