Just Walk Away….

Whether at home or on the road, one thing I appreciate is the opportunity to walk away from where I am and find a peaceful place connected to nature.

At home, this place is out my back door and it extends well beyond the horizon there, where the sun sinks each evening.

This week I walked through desert canyons and along hillsides just across the road from where I am staying. One day I  spent four hours of walking through varied terrain … and saw a total of four people – 3 on bikes, all of them going the other way.

When a friend showed up on his way through town.. we walked down the hill and spent an hour winding across the desert . . . from creek beds to hill tops on trails not yet explored.  A maze of solitude awaits just over the hill.

Finding a connection to nature is possible even in an urban setting…. you just have to be willing to look for a cross-country trail…. and spend a little time exploring.  This fall/winter I got to enjoy doing just that… walking away from the front door, while visiting each of my kids.  I was glad to find a someplace to connect to nature nearby each of their homes.

It doesn’t take a long road trip to find a bit of wilderness… sometimes, you’ve got to. . . . just walk away….

Let’s Go!


Walking, Hiking, Riding, Geocaching, Sketching, Exploring…. intentionally by myself… alone.


To experience time alone in nature can be an opportunity to enjoy solitude and peaceful freedom. An opportunity to travel at your own pace,  entertain your own thoughts… examine your own perspective.  It might take a bit more planning, but less coordination.  Solitude replaces conversation with contemplation.  For me… it is rejuvenating – something I plan for regularly and accept as an option when plans with other people fall through.

In the warm summer months I like to rise quietly before dawn and slip into the still of the desert.  Sometimes I plug in headphones and listen to NPR programs or audiobooks while I walk.   I stop frequently to take photos – the detail in a flower, brilliance of the sunrise or animals along the trail.  Deciding which branch of the path to take becomes a matter of where I turn my attention – each corner brings a new view- the best are those unexpected…. the trail turns eventually toward home and I wrap up my thoughts to tend to the day ahead.

Yesterday I rode my bike along Rim Rock Road on the Colorado National Monument.  It is a popular ride for avid bikers… even when the narrow road is crowded with cars and bicyclists.  But for a few more days the road remains closed to motorized vehicles while they clear snow – reducing the typical danger, stress and noise of this route. Sunshine illuminated the sandstone cliffs above and below me.  The quiet of the landscape around me was my only companion.   I wallowed in my freedom, stopping on narrow shoulders to gaze at the cliffs below, weaving my way back and forth to enjoy the scenery.

The road reopens to cars on Monday. So glad I took the time to experience the solitude today. How about you? Ready for a little time alone?