Ute Mountain Tribal Lands Tour

Enticed by the description of undisturbed remote ancient ruins in National Geographic Traveler ( http://travel.nationalgeographic.com/travel/ute-mountain-tribal-park-traveler/ )…. We dedicated a few days of a recent road trip to a full day tour on the Ute Mountain reservation south of Cortez, Colorado.

I can’t say much more than others have… Including this account on the indiepodcast http://indietravelpodcast.com/usa/colorados-ute-mountain-tribal-park/

So, I will just share some photo highlights from our day: (note: I intended to add captions to each photo but I don’t seem to be able to do that on a mobile connection. )

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Come Fly With Me

Our first splurge of the trip was still a “less than half price” adventure.  We could have taken the 15 minute helicopter flight over the major rock formations around Sedona for free, but decided to upgrade to the half hour tour of the canyons, mesas, and ancient dwellings along the rock walls in the backcountry nearby…. Soooo worth it.

We rose above the valley to gaze across the rock formations and see the snow-covered San Francisco Peaks in the distance…. carved our way through a maze of canyons, hovered alongside amazingly intact rock wall ruins inside alcoves high above the canyon floor, and  even squeezed thru a “gun sight” notch between two canyon pour-offs. Breathtaking views on a clear, crisp Sedona morning.


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