I am from…..

sunset on the rim of the Grand Canyon

I am from saguaro and ocotillo thorns
Poppies that bloom with the spring rain
and desert sunsets
I am from red ants and bare feet
Tarred dirt roads, trailer parks
And rainy night scrambles with neighborhood friends
gathering buckets of frogs in the dark
I am from my father’s arthritic pain
From my mother’s brusque demeanor
From “don’t take yourself so seriously ” to
“focus on what you CAN do, not what you CAN’T”
My grandma brushing my curls into ringlets
Family reunions, Scottish brogue and campfire music
Milk toast and tea to settle a stomach
Goulash and cream puffs made from scratch
I am from rustic cabins in National Parks
Grand Canyon, Zion, Yellowstone
Predawn fishing and trout for breakfast
Taking time for the color of sunset
I am from rebellion, risk, and curiosity
calmed by a thirst for knowledge
I am from broken families and forgotten lives
I am left behind and leading the way