Every Day is a Gift

We all make choices about how we spend the 24 hours we are presented with every day. Sometimes we commit hours of our days to endeavors that are important to us for one reason or another… like jobs, education, family, chores and friends. It is good to remind ourselves often of why we value those choices… and to accept the freedom we have in the hours that remain beyond our established commitments.

As I entered into retirement eight months ago, I found myself in an enviable position…. my husband, already retired, was at my side – my best friend. My four children are all independent with spouses and families of their own.  We have no surviving parents or other people needing us to commit time to caring for them. No pets, no livestock, no weighty responsibilities. We are free to fill our days however we choose. For now, our most valuable possessions are our health, each other, and our dreams. I count my blessings every day.

At this stage of my life I find myself longing to see and enjoy more of the world around me… to go new places I have yet to explore.  Sometimes these places are in my own backyard. Sometimes my dreams take me to exotic places half way around the world.   My curiosity is centered mostly in nature… I am a hiker/camper/geocacher who prefers to spend my time rather than my money in the places I visit.  A long hike to a secluded beach is cheap entertainment.  I would prefer a picnic on a rock with a sunset view over a high-priced restaurant.

I begin this blog as a chance to capture and share some of the pleasures in my quest to travel and explore.   My motto – “Go someplace you’ve never been-  as often as possible”. Want to come along? Sure?- Let’s Go!