Protected Places

Our world is changing quickly under the weight of a expanding population. Cities are sprawling, land is being put to multiple uses, and even designated open spaces are disappearing beneath a maze of OHV trails.  

Amid this urbanization you can, thankfully, still find areas that are set aside to try to preserve… or reestablish.. the natural state of ecosystems that are disappearing from our planet. I consider nature preserves and wilderness areas as essential to the physical and mental health of homo sapiens.

I want my grandchildren’s grandchildren to be able to see and experience the pleasure of rain forests, seashores, tundras and prairies!  

Today I enjoyed expansive views from the Flint Hills Konza Prairieland…. The hike was a 6 mile loop through grassland and scrub forest… and what a perfect day it was to explore!



Bear Creek Trail- Telluride, CO

The town of Telluride, CO is a stunning destination in the summer. Nestled between magnificent mountains at an elevation of nearly 9000’… it is a great place to beat the heat.


Every trail from town leads upward into these spectacular views… some more steeply than others. Acclimating to the altitude can take a few days, so a more gradual climb like the Bear Creek Trail is a good choice for those first days’ outings.


The trail begins on the southern edge of town, just off the river trail at the end of Pine Street and ascends about 1000 ft in 2.5 miles at a steady, moderate incline. . Wildflowers bloom along the roadside and across the meadows that open up to reveal craggy peaks and spacious hillsides.


The weather can change quickly here, so go prepared. I was pleased to discover that, during a light summer shower, an umbrella can provide a comfortable mobile shelter without trapping body heat like a poncho.



At the end if the trail you will find yourself perched on the hillside with Bear Creek Falls splashing beside you. It is worth going the entire way. Take a lunch and sit for a spell. Enjoy.

What a great way to spend a day!

Aloha Adventures

When I first went to Hawaii, on a Spring Break vacation in 2002, I didn’t expect to fall in love with this place. I’m really not fond of crowds and sitting on a beach is not my idea of a holiday… I like variety, activity… and I prefer escaping into nature I expected to get a taste of the tropics and move on to new adventures elsewhere… but, froliking in the magic of these tropical islands  has become an annual longing… especially when the days grow short and frigid at home.  This past year our pleasure was three weeks of autumn enchantment on the big island. Several “firsts” peppered this vacation… Our first ever autumnal visit to the island, our first time selecting from “VBRO (vacation rentals by owner)” listings to supplement our timeshare lodgings, our first time driving to a distant airport to secure cheaper transpacific airfare, and our first time traveling with Heidi and Michael… friends who share our love of Hawaii.

We had spent a good portion of our first two visits to the Hawaiian islands here on the big island of Hawaii.  In 2004 we hiked to see lava flowing into the ocean, camped on the black sand beach and memorable snorkeling with sea turtles.

We loved the diversity of environments on this island and were anxious to share it with our friends who had only experienced the garden isle of Kauai.


We weathered a stormy few days on the rainy coast north of Hilo. Rivers raging, falls roaring, ocean crashing…. coupled with tropical flowers and fruit just outside the door and the singing of frogs through the night.

In transition to the desert we circled the island to get a taste of the diversity… Lunch on the rim of the active caldera, turtles, coffee plantations and historic sites crammed into a day.

ripe coffee cherry and bean from inside

I would actually recommend a circle tour of the island to anyone visiting for the first time… Let someone else drive while you hit the highlights so you know where you want to return in the days ahead.

Fumes from the volcano vents

While the guys golfed, Heidi and I enjoyed days of snorkeling… and shaved ice on the beach!

The final week of our stay fell during the Hawaiian Makahiki Festival… a celebration of the transition into a new year… from the months of warlike frenzy to a time of focusing on creativity and celebration.  History and lessons of the ages are told through music and hula dance…a beautiful and sacred form of storytelling.

Local flavors, local instruments and local crafts mingled under the  enormous banyan trees.

Festival Marketplace

This trip marked a new year of transition for us, as well… a shift from frugal caution to an examination of our priorities as we chase our dreams into our golden years of retirement.   I received my first pension check just before we left home… after more than a year of a single small income… we are looking forward to choosing from a wider menu of  retirement adventures than we had previously been able to consider.

ocean view

I think Hawaii will always be a favorite.