11/12/13 14:15 !  Worth a horn honk and a satisfied smile.  Special dates and interesting numerical conjunctions are fun reason to pause and take note.


Inspired by a page of odd facts about 11/12/13 we celebrated the juxtaposition of consecutive numbers in our current time scale.

Tonight at 10:21:11pm the date and time notation will be  11/12 22:21:11.  Nice palindrome to acknowledge in the midst of the nightly news.

I enjoy this with the same heady satisfaction as the smirk reserved for good punny fun.  I have friends on Facebook that have been trading puns this month.  I love the double entendre and volley of groans.  This list of tearable puns was an instant temptation! (not my photo)

Along the same lines is my attraction to word and number puzzles.  I recently discovered a power trail of 99 puzzle geocaches and was amazed.  (screen shot)

I thought perhaps the puzzle format would be the same for all…leaving just the figuring to relocate each coordinate..but, no…each cache has its own unique decoding process.  I’ve only worked on three and now know a little about alphabetical values, rap song grammy awards and wingdings!  I already know that this series will be a longterm project for me….I love the aha of each one I solve!

Tonight we are going to join a group of local cachers for a “meet and eat” event to commemorate 11/12/13. 

Any excuse for a celebration!  I love like minded people ūüôā

Geo-power-trail… My First!

Our first ever power trail…

what better way to spend a day too windy to travel any farther in Kansas by RV… and what better place to wait out this weather than at the Ellis Lakeside Campground?

Nice views, hookups, wifi and hot showers for a mere $15. We unhooked our tow vehicle and headed out for a couple of hours of fun on backroads.

Ran the entire series in order until we got to the S… then it took a little backtracking. Not entirely comfortable going around “road closed” signs … but it wasn’t far and it was too windy to walk. I had to muscle open the door, hold on to my hat and turn my back to the wind to avoid having the log blow away at every stop… but the day was warm and every cache was where it was expected.

Great series!! We tripled our “most caches in a day” total with this series! This really put Ellis on the geo-map for us!

Lose the Crowds…

A sunny spring weekend is ripe for outdoor adventures, but unfortunately I find the throngs of fellow adventurers to be a deterrent.  Roads, campgrounds and many popular trails can become clogged with spontaneous weekend visitors. Luckily, our plans include a few strategies for losing the crowds and finding a bit of springtime solitude.

Five suggestions come to mind:

First, pack light… Today we’ll leave our pop-up trailer behind and opt instead for throwing sleeping gear, a small cooler and picnic basket in the back of the truck to allow for spending the night out somewhere if we choose to.¬† We are looking forward to making our tent trailer a home base¬† for summer adventures farther from home, but this weekend we don’t want to add finding a campsite to our frustrations. 2. ¬†Hit the backroads… We make distance on the freeways but our destination will be down narrow scenic byways and the dirt roads that spider off from there.¬† Having a high clearance vehicle is a great advantage, and 4wd is even better. 3. ¬†Get out of the vehicle…Take a walk! It’s always fun to explore some little used jeep trail to remote destinations but the best wilderness experience is multi-sensory and requires a bit of physical exertion. Losing the tire tracks and most of the footprints is one sure way to lose the crowds.¬† I like to follow my sense of curiosity… What IS over that next hill? Even on the most popular of weekends this strategy will thin crowds to a trickle… most people stick to the asphalt. . . even (maybe especially) in the big name national parks! The roads were full of ATV-laden trailers and RVs, but today we have the hiking trails all to ourselves!

4. ¬†Load the GPS with geocaching¬†adventures….. I consider this the best strategy of all… to seek out caches where I can pull off the side of the road, lace up my boots and head cross-country to follow fellow cacher’s recommendations to a “favorite hidden gem”.

This way, I am in for a physical and mental challenge that is generally not on the map.  I like to look for caches that give parking coordinates and describe the terrain.  A terrain difficulty of 3.5 or 4 often promises some of the most diverse and rewarding of views.

5. ¬†Go prepared – hiking sticks, water bottles or camelbaks, snacks, camera, GPS, first aid kit, gazetteer maps, binoculars, bird and flower identification books, sketch pad, pencil and pen… these are a few of the things I typically throw in my bag as we head out. ¬†Plan to spend some time, change plans on the fly, enjoy the day.

What would you add to the list? It’s another beautiful day out there… bet I can find a quiet spot!… Ready?

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