Eventful Days

Eric Clapton in concert- we got great seats!

My travel motivation is generally the location or the bargains (or both)… but I always like to check out what will be going on in the area while we are there.  One year we snagged tickets to an Eric Clapton concert happening  in Phoenix the weekend we arrived in Sedona… definitely worth a two hour drive!


This year I stumbled upon information about the Phoenix Open.  Since my husband is an avid golfer I knew he would be interested, so naturally I looked around a bit more to make sure there weren’t any other conflicts before sharing the news with him 😉

San Antonio River Walk Christmas Display


Some resources to check out include TicketMaster and Chamber of Commerce websites for towns within about 100 miles of “home base” (more or less depending on your travel interests).  A google search for “(name of town) events” can also reveal other interesting options, often sponsored by local businesses.

New Year's Eve downtown Nashville


While you are at it, don’t forget social media options… search Twitter for info or send out a tweet using a hashtag to target locals with a request for ideas.  I hooked up with a friendly geocacher/follower in Nashville last month who became my local expert consultant while we were there!


Another resource to not overlook is any state or national parks in the vicinity.

Ranger-led hike on Fruita Dugway Trail - CNM

Awesome sketch class at Colorado National Monument


Ranger-led activities can be a great way to explore and learn new things about the area.

Events can be a reason to go somewhere or a reason to get out of town… I look at them as optional activities in my weekly menu.  Try to mix it up and include a few things just out of your comfort zone…. makes life a bit more interesting.

A Heavenly Event! The total lunar eclipse

Ok…. Phoenix Open? Sure…. Let’s go!