Bear Creek Trail- Telluride, CO

The town of Telluride, CO is a stunning destination in the summer. Nestled between magnificent mountains at an elevation of nearly 9000’… it is a great place to beat the heat.


Every trail from town leads upward into these spectacular views… some more steeply than others. Acclimating to the altitude can take a few days, so a more gradual climb like the Bear Creek Trail is a good choice for those first days’ outings.


The trail begins on the southern edge of town, just off the river trail at the end of Pine Street and ascends about 1000 ft in 2.5 miles at a steady, moderate incline. . Wildflowers bloom along the roadside and across the meadows that open up to reveal craggy peaks and spacious hillsides.


The weather can change quickly here, so go prepared. I was pleased to discover that, during a light summer shower, an umbrella can provide a comfortable mobile shelter without trapping body heat like a poncho.



At the end if the trail you will find yourself perched on the hillside with Bear Creek Falls splashing beside you. It is worth going the entire way. Take a lunch and sit for a spell. Enjoy.

What a great way to spend a day!

4 thoughts on “Bear Creek Trail- Telluride, CO

  1. Thanks for this post. When we returned from Crested Butte, we decided the Telluride area was next on our list. You think we should tent it again or are there places for a 31′ 5th wheel? Haven’t done my homework on it just yet. Look forward to more posts.

    • Can’t believe i have overlooked your comment for so long. We spent a month in the Grand Teton/ Yellowstone area – seldom with internet service.. We did check our the Telluride City Park campground and i think there were a few Stites that might accommodate your fifth wheel. Also several campgrounds around Telluride in the national forest looked good with a drive into town. Perhaps you already have posted about your trip and i can learn from you!

      • Tetons/Yellowstone so jealous…on next years list. Couldn’t get to Telluride due to the RV getting fixed. Thanks for responding and hopefully you’ll be posting on this WY trip.

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