positive intentions….

“…. where are you not demonstrating integrity to yourself?”

This journal prompt caught me off guard… made me reexamine my own intentions, my values, my actions… took me back to the priorities that I identified a year ago when I decided that retirement would allow me to focus on those things I most value, that are most important to fulfilling my dreams.

#1 is my health…. with a family history of heart disease, stroke and colon cancer, I am at the point in my life where I must minimize all of the risk factors within my control if I don’t want to contribute to my own health issues.  My cholesterol level had increased to borderline recently… the doctor warned me….. “Lose weight, maintain a healthy diet, stay active”… or consider medication.  I vowed to do everything I needed to … but I’d settled for less than successful results.   My winter weight gain was modest but it was change in the wrong direction.

I was also ignoring more acute issues that had presented themselves and were worsening.   My shoulder pain was tolerable but I needed to commit to being an active participant in regaining full use of it again, if anything could be done to reverse this… it should be done now. The doctor provided a regimen to follow… I needed to follow through.

This journal prompt was the jolt that I needed to step back and look at myself and my situation again.   I’ve set a realistic weight loss goal that I intend to reach before summer… and I’m on track.  I’ve added yoga and range of motion rehab exercises to my regular activities and recently attended a workshop where we discussed the importance of acting with positive intention…. not “trying” or “wishing”, “wanting” or “needing”….  but “doing” “intending” and “looking forward” to successful accomplishments.   I’ve gathered the tools and resources I need and I’ve recommitted myself to this priority.

Progress on a journey is invigorating, empowering and satisfying.  Sometimes the journey is within.  This journey is the basis for all of the adventures of life that lie ahead of me.

The turning point for me was realizing that my integrity with myself really was in question.

“How badly do you want it?”   “It is critical”  “Then, let’s go…  !”

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